A collection of courses I taught over the years:

  • »Other books and code«, supplemental web2print workshops, with Heike Grebin and Jan Dufke, 2023–2024
  • »Ghostly presences«, dealing with archives, learn to create/use your own tools, web2print, with Pierre Pané-Farré, 2023–2024
  • »typestudio«, »hardcore« type design, with Pierre Pané-Farré, 2023–2024
  • »Shape Shifters LAB« @HAW Hamburg, Learning to draw variable fonts >> code a website for it, with Pierre Pané-Farré 2023
  • »newPage(x,y)« @HAW Hamburg, learning to use a pen-plotter, learning to work with Plancton editor on drawing fonts using metapost, with Pierre Pané-Farré 2023
  • »Interaction Interface 2« @FH Aachen, Introduction into Interaction Design, 2021 – 2022
  • »Understanding letterforms« @FH Aachen, Basics of typeface design, 2019