Octagon Variable


A photo of a newspaper on the right and a pile of books on the left. The newspaper is a specimen for Octagon Variable, a variable typeface, printed on salmon newsprint paper. The cover reads: »Octagon,//1838/2022«. The letters are bent into perspectives.

Based on Octagon – a wood type first shown in George Nesbitt’s First Premium Wood Types Cut by Machinery in 1838 – Octagon Variable is a reimagination of the original design by Edwin Allen as variable font in which the already present spatial illusions are pushed further. It was collaboratively redrawn with students at the design department of the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg in 2022 as part of a first year type design introduction class.

I co-designed and coded a minisite for the font here.

The font is available as Open Source font.

Latest changes: